Natalie Merrill
Weekly Upstare Pics

Weekly Upstare Pics

These are pictures with my former coworker. She was my work bestie, and I miss her terribly. We took weekly pictures together on Wednesdays. Best.workdays.ever.

IMG_1607 IMG_1794 IMG_1882 IMG_1886 IMG_1926 IMG_1946 IMG_1964 IMG_2052 IMG_2095 IMG_2129 IMG_2188 IMG_2198 IMG_2265 IMG_2320 IMG_2366 IMG_2380 IMG_2391 IMG_2507 IMG_2556 IMG_2607 IMG_2672 IMG_2687 IMG_2697 IMG_2723 IMG_2738 IMG_2770 IMG_2839 IMG_2934 IMG_3066 IMG_3165 IMG_3221 IMG_3229 IMG_3263 IMG_3271 IMG_3307 IMG_3348 IMG_3377 IMG_3419 IMG_3445 IMG_3485 IMG_3523 IMG_3568 IMG_3593 IMG_3630 IMG_3660 IMG_3717 IMG_3743 IMG_3783 IMG_3863 IMG_3904 IMG_3932 IMG_3985 IMG_4043 IMG_4085 IMG_4132 IMG_4176 IMG_4204 IMG_4224 IMG_4228 IMG_4233 IMG_4273 IMG_4308 IMG_4343 IMG_4385 IMG_4423 IMG_4453 IMG_4477 IMG_4496 IMG_4518 IMG_4559 IMG_4581