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Links to Writing Samples

Links to Writing Samples

Financial Industry Articles

Myth Busting Millennials and Money

Doing Away with Debt

Retirement Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Preparing for the Future of the CPA Profession

Applying Extreme Practices Leads to Extreme Winning

Practice Makes Permanent

What It Takes to Be Business Brilliant

Hope for Women Magazine Articles

Embrace the Smallness of Tuesday

Short Time, Lasting Value

A Breakup That Will Actually Bring You Joy

The Truth Told from a Heart in Love

Dressing Your Truth

Finding Freedom from Life’s Many Tangles

A Heart for Women in Community

What It Means to Be ‘Kelly Tough’

Making Her Mark Beyond the Airwaves

Leading Women to Connect and Grow Together

Finding Peace from the Pressure

The Power of a Trusting Heart

Savor All of Life’s Moments

A Hurtful Crime No One Deserves

Your Heart Truly Is Precious

The Hope to Be Debt-Free

A Journey to Health and Confidence

There Is Hope in Joy

Because everyone matters

Finding Peace and Dancing to Praise

L.A.C.E.S. Fights Ebola by Building Trust in Communities

Thankful for Trouble

There’s No Timeline for Thankfulness

Give Yourself Some Grace

Finding Strength in Struggle

Gifts Are Meant to Be Shared

Finding the Courage to Forgive

Make Time for YOU

Finding Joy Amidst Stress

Wait for the right man because you are a valuable woman!”

Dare to dance — don’t be afraid to be you when you hit the dance floor

The Radiance of Unseen Beauty

Dating Is Not So Simple Anymore

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