Love wins on the battlefield
Love wins on the battlefield

Love wins on the battlefield

As individuals, it seems we really like to share our opinions on a variety of topics.

But there are many times we should just pretend we have muzzles.

If you look around at the world and all of the things that take place in it on a daily basis, you’ll realize that really bad things happen. Some of those things are extremely huge and impact a lot of people. Some of those things are much smaller and might only hurt a handful of individuals. Whether big or small, we all face battles, and we all struggle.

So why are we making it harder on one another?

I read an article the other day that criticized the way Americans have shown support for the tragedy that occurred in France, because we aren’t constantly showing support for the bad things that happen elsewhere. Yes, there are many nations and places that need more support for what’s going on in their situations, but I don’t think coming together to extend love to others in need is something that should be chided. I think sometimes we are so quick to share our opinions—thanks in large part to the collective massive platform we have courtesy of social media outlets—that we overlook the underlying needs others have.

Hurting people don’t need opinions. Hurting people need love.

Then there was that whole ordeal with the Starbucks red cups that don’t have Christmas stuff all over them. Let’s be real here: most Christmas decorations don’t scream the message of Jesus. A cup isn’t going to show customers His love. It takes real people to do that. I think a lot of people probably got a bad perception of Christians in that “story,” and I also think that a lot of Christians forgot that it’s the job of a human—not a pretty cup—to love others.

People don’t always need opinions. People always need love.

Give love

I’m not perfect. None of us can ever claim to be. I say hurtful things to people and have to apologize later. I can’t always tame my tongue, and I make decisions that I am not always proud of. Being more loving to people on a much more consistent basis is something I’m working on. The truth is, life is hard. I find myself often facing mountains that I’m not sure how to climb. I find myself with a heart that was once hopeful but then became broken when those hopes weren’t fulfilled. I find myself hurting because of the way other people treated me. It’s in those times that I realize even more that I don’t want to hear people’s thoughts on what I should do or shouldn’t have done. Maybe all I really want is a hug or a heart to listen and just be there—because sometimes that’s how love shows up.

Hurting people don’t need opinions. Hurting people need love.

This world is filled with so many wonderful things, but it’s also filled with pain. We can’t go through life completely unscathed and without a bit of suffering. There will be times we hurt. We will face tragedies—maybe not on the scale of terrorism or mass destruction, but they will be moments that impact our lives and leave us in need. People and events will leave us with broken hearts. Those aren’t the times to post mean things on social media or write spiteful comments on news articles. Those are the times to show that Martin Luther King Jr. was spot on when he said, “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Hurting people need love. We ALL need love.

We aren’t going to see sunshine and happiness every single day of our lives. Unfortunately, we won’t have Pollyanna’s optimistic outlook in every situation. And we can’t always see the pain people are feeling, especially when we often lead people to believe that everything is peachy keen because of what we post on Facebook and Instagram. We need to remember that our words often have more power than we realize. Sometimes we know the storms people are going through, and likely more often than not, we have no idea. Regardless, the best decision is always simple: love.

It’s something we all need—and something we are all capable of giving.

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