I think a lot of times we place so much value on our phones, but we forget just how fragile they are.

Until we drop them.

I’ve had an iPhone for years, and I’ve dropped it so many times it’s not funny. I’m honestly surprised it was in as good of shape as it was, because I am a klutz most days. But, by multiple miracles, I only had one tiny little crack in the screen in the lower corner. What’s even more astonishing about that is the fact that I’ve never even had a protective case but instead opt for the cheap, awesome ones. My current case is a Spiderman one I got for $5 at Target. It’s ok to be jealous of it.

I don’t like bad things happening, but I really don’t like them happening on Saturdays. Saturday is hands down my favorite day of the week—I get to sleep later than usual, go on a nice run when the sun is actually out, come home and watch College GameDay and then hours upon hours of college football, and just enjoy a day with no tasks or obligations whatsoever.

Saturdays are beautiful.

This particular Saturday was even more special, because I saw Mark Cuban at my gym. MARK FREAKING CUBAN. It took everything in me not to ask to take a selfie with him. He was doing abs (well, he was actually mostly just either texting or sending emails and occasionally incorporating some crunches), so I changed up my workout routine and did some abs before pull-ups. I mean, it just made sense. I looked at him. He looked at me. We smiled. And we both knew what I was thinking: You’re the owner of the Dallas Mavs, and you are at my gym. Day made.

Oy vey

I opted not to request the selfie. He had come to the gym obviously to work out and take care of whatever was blowing up on his cell phone, and I wanted to let him feel like a normal person for a little while. Plus, I needed to go pump some iron so I could get home to watch the Aggies annihilate the Ponies.

When I got back home and got out of my car, my poor phone had no idea about the doom it was about to meet. I wish my phone had been in my purse, because then it would have been safer. But, no. Sadly, it was in my hand. The frustrating thing, though, is that nothing actually caused the fall. Suddenly I just felt it slipping from my grip, and I had one of those slow-motion-this-is-not-really-happening moments. You know the one. And then it was as if the cracks appeared too quickly for even the best eyes to see. Suddenly they were just there. Shattered. I cut my finger on the screen trying to unlock the phone just to make sure it still worked. Then I flipped it over to check on Spiderman—he was unscathed, thankfully.

I stared at my phone, trying to erase what just happened, but my efforts were useless. My phone screen was shattered, and that was that. The good news, though, is that the phone still worked. Sure, it cut my fingers each time I tried to slide to unlock the screen as shards of glass tore through my skin, and it was really hard to see text messages (or really anything), but it still functioned. It wasn’t ideal, but it was enough.

There are times in life when we also feel like dropped phones: shattered, unpleasant to see, and perhaps like we’re just cutting people’s fingers. Yet, still like phones with shattered screens, we can still serve our purpose. You may be tired, but you can still love; you may feel broken, but you can still love; you may feel completely unloved, but you can still love; you may be struggling to see why things are happening like they are, but you can still love; you may not know how you’re ever going to get out of whatever funk or struggles you’re in, but you can still love; no matter what happens or how shattered life feels, you can always still love.

It’s a choice.

Broken phone screens can be repaired, or you can buy a new phone altogether, and your problems with the shards will end. Similarly, you will also reach a point where you are restored and renewed. Getting there might be difficult, and you may face more struggles than you want along the way—like losing ALL of your contacts and not being able to find another Spiderman case (though I will continue to search EVERY Target in the area) when you replace a phone—but you will get to where you need to be.

I fully believe that God has a plan for everyone and a purpose for every single thing that happens in this world. Sometimes we go through seasons we don’t want to face, but having fearlessness and patient endurance during those times will strengthen your heart and perhaps teach you that you truly can still love in the midst of whatever you must go through in life. And then perhaps you can show love to someone who feels like a shattered phone.

After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

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