Don’t get me flowers
Don’t get me flowers

Don’t get me flowers

I hate flowers.

Now, I don’t mind things that have floral patterns, and I even rock a pair of shoes I love that have flowers on them, but I really actually kind of hate them (the flowers, not the shoes).

Because all they do is die.

I realize that it’s somewhat of a tradition for a man to get a woman flowers on various occasions, but I never want them. I’ve never gotten them, and I will not be swooned if a fella buys them for me as some sort of sweet gesture. I feel like they are just one of those go-to “gifts” that really has no meaning. Some people argue that it’s thoughtful to get a woman flowers.

I am not one of those people.

How much thought really goes in to going to the store and buying something that other people buy for women all the time? It’s not even remotely creative, and–in my case–it shows you really haven’t taken much concern in getting to know me, otherwise you would know that I hate flowers.

Why get gifts that are only going to die? I know many people suggest watering them, but I am not going to remember to do that every day, and I really just don’t like flowers enough to try to keep them alive. Then, after they keel over, you have to dispose of them, and they might even develop some sort of nasty stench before you’re completely rid of them.

Sure, some of them are really pretty and might smell decent for a while, but they are still simply such a short time away from death. Flowers are bad gifts, because all they do is die.

And I really don’t care if that’s one more reason I’m still single.

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