“When are you getting married?”
“When are you getting married?”

“When are you getting married?”

There are certain things in life that involve processes you must go through to get to them–you know, like actually combining two slices of bread with peanut butter on one and jelly on the other before you can eat a quality sandwich.

And, unless you partake in various cultures that do marriage differently than I’ve always known it, you should probably go on a date before thinking about a wedding.

A coworker of mine asked me today when I am going to get married.

He clearly doesn’t know much about my life.

I’ve been to and in quite a few weddings in my day, and thinking about my actual “big day” has never really crossed my mind. I’ve never even gone on a date, so I think that would be stepping ahead a bit too much. It did give me a chuckle, though, and I told him I would prefer to go on a date before I even let the thought of a white dress and a handsome fella in a tux gazing at me how I’ve always wanted enter my heart.

Of course, then he proceeded to ask me why I haven’t ever gone on a date. I’m never really sure how to respond to that question, so I gave him a somewhat, “Oh, I don’t know” answer in hopes that we could change the subject. A lot of people seem to think that there is something strange about a 29-year-old who has never dated, and perhaps there is. But it’s not like every guy I meet strikes my fancy, and I certainly don’t have guys throwing rocks at my window to try to get my attention. And, unlike in so many movies I’ve seen, I didn’t have some romantic love-at-first-sight encounter or a friendship that blossomed into true love.

It’s not always as simple as we’d hoped.


  1. It isn’t always so simple. I must say though…even though I already knew this about you, it does confuse and confound me. Guys really should be throwing themselves at your feet. You kind of rock!

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